Cannoli Be Breakfast

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Cannoli Be Breakfast

Name: Cannoli Be Breakfast
Trade Name: "Cassadaga Liquids Cannoli Be Breakfast"
VG/PG: 70/30
Flavor Profile: Vanilla Cream, Pastry, Milk, Fruit Cereal

Italian vanilla cream filled pastry with a light dusting of fruit cereal. 
More cream than cereal and VERY light lemon flavor.

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    Cannoli Be Breakfast

    Posted by Jacob Dunn on Jan 1st 2018

    I received a bottle of Cannoli Be Breakfast, in 6mg, three days ago. In the Billet Box, using the Uno, 0.64 @ 21w, the flavor is almost just as described. I get the cream, slightly, but the fruity cereal shines through. It's very much like eating Fruity Pebbles, and chasing it with a dollop of a traditional ricotta/marscapone cream filling straight from a bakery. I was pleasantly surprised that the usual touch of lime was absent, as it is a lingering flavor from so many other fruity cereal vapes.

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    Breakfast Be Amazing

    Posted by Dave Zomber on Jan 1st 2018

    If your not a big fan of cereal vapes because you dont like the over powering lemon or think it tastes like pledge. Look no farther, this amazing cereal vape is expertly balanced with just the right amount of lemon and the cannoli base we all know and love. I've never been a huge fan of cereal vapes until now. John has hit a homerun with this one. This one has been a pleasure to vape.

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    breakfast just got good again

    Posted by Corey McManus on Jan 1st 2018

    Absolutely love this one!! Not the same old breakfast Vapes we are used to!! This one is special!!
    Just another great creation from John Nathan

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    best cereal flavor

    Posted by jeff on Jan 1st 2018

    can't put this juice down. Unbelievable flavor. It's my favorite cereal juice of all time.

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    Perfection in a bottle

    Posted by Alan Brooks on Jan 1st 2018

    Hands down THE best e-liquid that I have came across!
    Bold canolli on the inhale, to match the exhale of a bold dry fruit loops. No milk, and no lemon. There isn't a large amount of sweetener so you're coils don't gunk up quick. My pallet for foods isn't affected by the flavor. I typically get vape tongue within a few days when using a fruit loops flavor - It's been 2-3 weeks now! Don't hesitate, grab a bottle. The bigger the better, you won't regret it lol

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    Posted by billy a on Jan 1st 2018

    This is really good for me the best out of all the cannoli line very well balanced

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    fruity cereal done right

    Posted by Adam Yerardi on Jan 1st 2018

    I love john's take on fruity cereal, it's reminiscent of looper by Anml but w/o the milk. Instead it has the cannoli base. Excellent job at capturing the profile. Love this stuff!!

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    HOLY Shneekies!! Dreamy, creamy happiness that won me over!

    Posted by Frank V. on Jan 1st 2018

    The creaminess of this juice, much like CBO, will keep you coming back for more with each draw tasting better than the last BUT it's the expertly crafted cereal note that threw me for a loop! Reminiscent of a bowl of Fruit Loops in heavy cream with a piece of cannoli dropped in, it will keep you coming back for more and more and more! In a word this juice is PERFECT!

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    Fruit loops

    Posted by Bryan on Jan 1st 2018

    This is one of the best cereal vapes I have found. It tastes just like fruit loops and milk.