About Us: Our Philosophy


80V E-Liquid
 (pronounced A-D-V) is a collaboration between Steven Sapir (Beantown Vapor) and John Nathan (Cassadaga Liquids). We are 10+ year vapers, active community members and leaders in the fight for the vapor industry.

1. We believe the vape shop is the most vital entity in the fight to end the devastation of combustible tobacco. We prioritize the needs of the shop above all. Our role is to partner with the shop to become as successful as possible. We know the the shop doesn’t need us; we need the shop. We are respectful of the shop owners time and have developed a low hassle, minimal contact sales policy. We are here for the shop when you need us, and never when you don’t.

2. Our liquids are expertly crafted and time tested blends with a massive domestic and international following. Producing a hit liquid is no easy task and we have done it several times by developing liquids that maintain interest, complexity and balance throughout the heat range. We have been very fortunate to have achieved success in the industry and we are very proud to have done it exclusively on quality, service and great relationships with our distribution and retail partners.

3. We rely exclusively on our reputation and not excessive sales calls to promote our liquids. We encourage all of our retail partners to poll social media, their customers and local organizations about who we are, how we conduct business and how our liquids distinguish themselves in a crowded market. We could tell you all of this but would much rather you hear it directly from your customers.

4. We don’t sell to anyone and everyone. We believe in price discipline. We don’t believe bad actors should have our products and we remedy those issues quickly. We believe in a long-term, sustainable business model. That model depends on the success of our shops. You will not see our products offered at discounted prices online. We have significantly constricted our distribution footprint in the past year and now work only with limited top tier distributors that share this philosophy.

5. We provide an exceptional customer service experience. We provide hassle-free buy backs and swap outs. We understand that certain products sell better to different demographics and as a result do not feel that we should force our retail partners to hold onto stock that doesn’t move as well as our other offerings for them. We have eliminated your risk and stand behind our liquids.

6. We do not have a wholesale MOQ. Smaller shops are treated with the same sense of value and respect as our high volume partners.

7. We provide shops with promotional marketing gear and various in-store marketing materials to assist you in promoting your investment in our liquids.
Some additional facts about how we operate: Our involvement with advocacy is core to who we are
 We do not believe in IP infringement or borrowing branding in any way, shape or form and all of our products labeling are original designs.
- We offer same-day shipping on all paid wholesale orders.
- Responsibly Lab Manufactured
- Full and total compliance with all current FDA regulations to date.
- Fully insured
- We pay our employees a fair wage. Their commitment to your happiness is as strong as the owners.
- VTA Bronze Member (2018-2019)
- New England VTA Member (As well as both owners holding board positions)
- Florida Smoke Free Association Member
- Georgia Smoke Free Association Member
- New Jersey Vapor Rights Coalition Member
- Virginia Smoke Free Association Member
- Tennessee Smoke Free Association Member
- Kentucky Smoke Free Association Member
- North Carolina Vapor Council Member
- Ohio VTA Member
-Iowans for Alternative to Smoking and Tobacco (IFAST) Member
- Former SFATA Member (2015-2017)
Below you will find a public Google Drive location that will provide you with the following information:
- PDF files of all our labels so you can check our marketing and verify label compliance
- Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
- GCC for both our 60ml plastic and 60ml glass
- FDA Registration Info (FEI & TP)
- Our Product Liability Insurance Policy
- Flavor Menus for our offerings
-Media Kit for marketing (Bottle shots, Lifestyle shots)



We thank you for taking the time to get to know us and we appreciate the interest.  Feel free to reach out to us at info@80veliquid.com or visit 80V Wholesale Order to fill out a wholesale application.  
We look forward to earning a spot on your shelves.  
John Nathan & Steven Sapir
80V E-Liquids