510 Cartridge Battery

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510 Cartridge Battery
This is a compact 350mAh variable voltage vaping battery with an ultra convenient preheating function.  You can change the voltage by clicking the button 3 times.  
You can choose between 3.4V (Green Light), 3.7V (Blue Light), or 4.0V (Red Light).  The real stand out feature on is definitely the convenient preheating function that you can activate with 2 clicks of the button.  
The battery also comes with built-in protections against short circuit and overcharging.
Slim Design
Preheat Setting
Variable Voltage
Capacity: 350 mAh
Threading: 510
Working Voltage: 3.4v 3.7v 4.0V 
In Box:
1 350 mAh Battery and Charger